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A Departure Not So Far...

Don't forget to discover the backstory behind the topics toward the end!

APRIL 20, 2011 2:03 PM PDT
At the click of a shutter
a life dies not in vain –

forever will its image
hail the beauty of its
time and place.

Taking one’s leave will
not nick their name
from the conscious of

those they loved.

Nor will it fail
to reach the ears
of the almighty

Lord above.

Death will not
mar the beauty of
her grace –

Terminate the memory
of her joyful
face –

No matter the
height of her flight,
her words will remain

at home.

When all is left
said and done, the score
will reflect that in

life we won.

Background Info:
Here's the backstory behind some of the topics so you can understand certain references in the poem...

Adolf Hitler - Very small reference to him in this poem - think of the phrase "Heil Hitler."

Tim Hetherington - The filmmaker behind the war documentary Restrepo.

North London Derby - This is the name of a football (soccer) rivalry matchup between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Elisabeth Sladen - The actor who played the role of Sarah Jane in the science fiction series "Doctor Who."

Skynet - This is the name of the fictional computer system from the Terminator series by the defense firm Cyberdyne Systems.

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I like this & I love the premise behind your blog. Very creative. I look forward to reading more of your work.