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Exodus of Silence

Don't forget to discover the backstory behind the topics toward the end!

APRIL 18, 2011 4:44 PM PDT
No border of land can still a voice
that sings beyond the seas
of east to west – neither the
color of skin suppress the
cry of humanity.

While eyes may Passover
the grievous wrongs –

getting fresher everyday,
our steely interiors will shine
no more amidst


Connecting one on one
perhaps all can be saved –

Yet why does it take
a Pulitzer for this
to be ever said?

Background Info:
Here's the backstory behind some of the topics so you can understand certain references in the poem...

Keyshia Cole - Cole is a recording artist who struck platinum for her debut album "The Way It Is" released in 2005.

Chag Sameach - This is a Jewish phrase meaning "Happy Holidays" used to celebrate occasions such as Passover.

Mike Leake - Leake is a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds' that was subject to a scandal involving him stealing from a Macy's department store.

Omegle - Similar to Chatroulette, Omegle connects you with random people across cyberspace via chat and webcam.

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