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No longer "i"...

Don't forget to discover the backstory behind the topics toward the end!

APRIL 29, 2011 11:38 AM PDT
A heartbeat dressed
in passion not
frills –

Wills that its
intentions be

In the fate of
another whose
dream is –

One and the same.

Be it prince or pauper,
love’s intrepid armor
makes the –

Poor In Life, Feel

Regardless whatever
the prideful lark
sings inside,

No day passes by
without appreciation
of solitude’s subside –

Interlocked in
kisses of time,

Such souls
come together  –


No longer shall
they be

By the
singular "i".

Background Info:
Here's the backstory behind some of the topics so you can understand certain references in the poem...

Mike Mangini - A drummer who now bangs his cymbals for Dream Theater.

PILF - This is a really crude acronym so I'm not too keen to mention its meaning here.  If you're really curious Urban Dictionary it.

Sarah Burton - The designer behind Kate Middleton's wedding gown.

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