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Welcome to My Experiment!

Welcome all to my little experiment with one of the most enjoyable timewasters in existence – Twitter!  Twitter originally started out as dull people sharing with other dull people about every uninteresting detail regarding their lives (myself included), such as the millisecond updates on the taste of a burrito.  Since then it has grown into something much more attractive, especially for artists.  I am well aware of all the artistic forays that have been taken with Twitter poetry but I feel inclined to try something different.

History and timelines are something that regularly captivate my interest (almost as much as poetry).  For example, as an avid fan of video gaming, I love wading through timelines showing the evolution of consoles and gaming technologies.  While I could simply keep a blog chronicling Trending Topics, there are beautifully programmed websites out there that do that better for you – and much more effectively I might add!  However, I dislike having such info just sit there flat in front of my eyes.

So to get to the point – it is my wish to turn that meaningless data of hashtags into poems with interesting themes (I hope).   Though I am certainly no Maya Angelou in my ability, poetry is a medium I like to return to from time to time – just like Twitter!  So regardless of whether this blog is ever read or not, I am considering this my other timewaster.  Feel free to stay and let’s see what kind of bumpy ride lies ahead!

Think you can write a Trending Topic poem? Click on this box to find out how you can pen some Twitter poetry to be featured here!