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End Times of Ignorance

Don't forget to listen to a reading of the poem and discover the backstory behind the topics toward the end!

MAY 20, 2011 6:06 PM PDT
Quaked is the pearly
kingdom by the land’s
oldest scar –

A blemish that has
long marred since
the days of


Wisdom can no
longer be

an aversion
or an
allergy –

That humanity,
slaps aside
with each and
every prayer −

Wishing to be blessed
with purses of coin rather

than enlightenment’s billionaire.

No − the death of ignorance
will not be through

Weighty words or the
Sunday School

An auspicious millennium
or technology’s

It will be at the hands
of each newborn youth −

Choosing between
the hell of now or a
paradise forsook.

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Background Info:
Here's the backstory behind some of the topics so you can understand certain references in the poem...

South Sandwich Islands - These islands are located near the coast of South America and were rocked by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

Butão - The Portuguese word for Bhutan, a tiny kingdom in a mountainous region that is ruled by a religious head known as Je Khenpo.

Y2K - A rumored computer glitch that was predicted to wreak havoc at the beginning of the new millennium.  It often was jokingly referred to as the end of times.

Harold Camping - A reverend that has spread a prediction across the globe, through billboard ads for a Christian Radio station, that the world will end on May 21, 2011.

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