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Poetess Says Thank You

If you wish to sit back and relax, feel free to relieve your eyes and listen to the audio version of my thank you instead.

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Recently I have had the pleasure of being featured by several kind individuals on their blogs, websites, or Twitter feeds.  As personally delighted as I feel - these gestures do not just strike me as honors but as acts of friendship. The relationships that I have struck up since I started this blog have been the best part of the experience thusfar. I don't see my readers or those I converse with as just a following, even if I do someday gain what is considered a true "following" - you all are something more dear than that.  Allow me to take this moment to thank some great individuals among those that I consider very lucky to know now.

A blogger that has fascinated me and to my surprise featured me one day is Ileane from BasicBlogTips.  The way we bumped into each other was not ironically through poetry but one of my video game reviews that I had done for a game called Infamous 2.  Later she got curious and ruffled through my poetry.  The result of her search caused her to write this beautiful look at my work called Persian Poetess Pays Homage to Oprah. To this day what she has written warms my heart and I cannot believe all the people it has exposed my poetry to.

Those that have reviewed my blog have also helped be a major part in improving its overall look and aesthetic.  When Gian Faye spotlighted the blog in Trending Poetry: When Twitter Trends Become Poems - she took the time to thoroughly review my site and even provide suggestions to make the presentation even more slick.  While the compliments she provided me were a treat her constructive feedback was immensely as satisfying too.  It is thanks to Gian that the site got a complete redesign and is more full of life than ever.  Gian is a blogger with an artist's eye, it is such a useful thing to have, and I'm glad to have benefited from it.

Following Gian's and Ileane's reviews it was a joy to read the articles that Argie Monroy and Will + Carissa whipped up about what I do (Argie made me blush by noting I'm "cute").  I am glad that folks like this now have a chance to compensated for the kind words they share thanks to being among the merry band of members at Blog Engage.  Ah Blog Engage, now there's a place that has really opened up the windows for me.

Being a member of Blog Engage has given me the privilege to know two individuals - they are Brian Belfitt and Justin Germino.  Before I knew of Brian or his community, I encountered Justin through a run of the mill Google search.  I was interested to highlight the other poetic efforts that have been done with Twitter and was looking for superb examples to illustrate them.  Naturally Justin's poetry site Wanderer Thoughts popped up and I learned about his Random Twitter Game.  Slowly but surely one thing led to another and he allowed me to step on as a writer/video reviewer for his tech blog  This experience has been a great outlet for me to show my abilities outside the world of poetry.  Justin has always been fully supportive of what I do and I thank him for that.

This finally brings us to Brian and Blog Engage.  I found out that Justin was an active member of the community and my curiosity got the best of me so I decided to request an invitation.  Now that I am a full blown member I have never regretted it.  Brian has gone out of his way to help small time bloggers like me or those with a large readership like the bloggers I have mentioned earlier.  I am very satisfied being a Business level sponsor of the site now and love that the RSS feed of my blog posts my articles to Blog Engage moments after I publish them.  There is a fee to join the site now but it is well worth it in my book.  If you cannot manage to cover it - no worries - just interacting with its members can be an enriching experience.  They are a helpful group of people that never hesitate to lend a hand and I love being among them.

Oncemore, I shall say:
Thank you to all my readers, the bloggers who have showcased me, and the Blog Engage community for supporting Trending Poetry.

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