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Trending Poetry Redesigned: One Line at a Time

Wow, I cannot believe I have maintained this blog since April.  When I first began this project it was truly meant to be something small and personal.  Ever since I began I have been connecting with so many great bloggers and have received some generous feedback regarding my poetry.  This only means one thing - it is time to grow and reach for even greater heights.

In order to really give this blog the love that it deserves, I have completely redesigned every aspect of it.  Even the header now features a bird that is more towards impressionistic rather than cartoonish.  For sentimental value I have kept my old blue bird on the static pages of the blog.  My header obviously is not the only thing that changed...

There are some poems I have written from months back that remain my favorites.  To highlight them, I have a Featured Post slider on the main page with images that represent or are symbolic of the subjects of the poems.  Luckily, I was able to use pictures that I created or were from my own album (not sure how long I can keep that up).  From time to time I may change the poems - but for now the five that I have placed there are really special to me.

On the sidebar, the pertinent information has remained the same but I have attempted to make it stand out in an organized way.  Before, the entire side bar was one color and it was starting to get jammed with lots of icons that were not boxed apart from each other.  Now each function of the blog has its own little box and additional boxes can be revealed when toggling between About Me, Tweets, and FMTM.

Hopefully this redesign will fulfill its purpose and allow my blog to touch upon new horizons.  I'm growing fond of it and look to keep it for quite awhile.  If you are maintaining a Blogger blog and wish to know what template I used - it is called Rolinex and it was created by Lasantha Bandara.  Bear in mind that I have heavily customized it and the base version differs quite a bit from what you see on this blog.

Thank you my loyal readers...expect to see a new Trending Topics poem some time this week!

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