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Soul of My Words

A video poem about the very things that inspire me to write. Each little object in my life serves its purpose, each person I meet impacts me, each stroke on my keyboard fulfills my destiny.

Words That Kill

A poem that explores how lethal words can be. Inspired by Twitter trending topics like palabras que matan and Forrest Gump.

Childhood Retreat

A poem about the lazy days of childhood scraping your knee against the blacktop. Inspired by Twitter trending topics like Seventeen Again and Nigel Thornberry.

End Times of Ignorance

A poem about hope for humanity residing in the pursuit of knowledge rather than false prophets. Inspired by Twitter trending topics like Harold Camping and the rapture.

Mama, Your Love Says...

A poem about how the love of a mother speaks until the end of time. Inspired by Twitter trending topics like Mother's Day and #sotellmewhy.

Poetess Says Thank You

If you wish to sit back and relax, feel free to relieve your eyes and listen to the audio version of my thank you instead.

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Recently I have had the pleasure of being featured by several kind individuals on their blogs, websites, or Twitter feeds.  As personally delighted as I feel - these gestures do not just strike me as honors but as acts of friendship. The relationships that I have struck up since I started this blog have been the best part of the experience thusfar. I don't see my readers or those I converse with as just a following, even if I do someday gain what is considered a true "following" - you all are something more dear than that.  Allow me to take this moment to thank some great individuals among those that I consider very lucky to know now.

Education is a Commodity

Don't forget to listen to a reading of the poem and discover the backstory behind the topics toward the end!
JULY 19, 2011 1:25 PM PDT

No longer are lines of
literature littered with
liberating gold ‒

The tin heart of industry


For more profits to lay
the path of a new
yellow brick road ‒

One that leads to no Oz
but a planet whose
core jingles with cents ‒

Not the sense to educate
our sons and daughters,

But bury them
knee deep in greed’s
waste ‒

Knees plugged to
the ground scrubbing
the floors just as

did ‒

Taking each step with
glass slippers that give
pain rather than

A prince ‒

Undulating Nonstop, Business

Continues to prick with
its needle sharp hands,

Our Future ‒

A mere toy,
a carefree hobby,
in the

Politician’s Grasp.

Listen to a reading of the poem!
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Background Info:
Here's the backstory behind some of the topics so you can understand certain references in the poem...

Trending Poetry Redesigned: One Line at a Time

Wow, I cannot believe I have maintained this blog since April.  When I first began this project it was truly meant to be something small and personal.  Ever since I began I have been connecting with so many great bloggers and have received some generous feedback regarding my poetry.  This only means one thing - it is time to grow and reach for even greater heights.

In order to really give this blog the love that it deserves, I have completely redesigned every aspect of it.  Even the header now features a bird that is more towards impressionistic rather than cartoonish.  For sentimental value I have kept my old blue bird on the static pages of the blog.  My header obviously is not the only thing that changed...

Soul of My Words

Hello readers of Trending Poetry!  Today I decided to offer you something different.  For the past week I have been gathering random videos of places, objects, or things in my home that caught my attention.  It was not before long how I realized each told a story about the soul behind my words.

I put a montage together of all of them and created this video poem entitled “Soul of My Words.”  While it is not embracing my typical format of being based on Twitter trends, I figured this change of pace, just this once would not hurt :).  Enjoy.

If viewing this post on the main page, click Read More, to view the written verses of the poem.