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About the Site

The Inspiration

Trending Poetry is an idea that came to me after doing a mere routine activity of my day…checking Twitter tweets! What specifically spawned the inspiration for it though was a collaborative poetry class I took a quarter ago. My professor exposed me to a world where anything and everything can connect with one another to form a work of art. Since that class I have always been more receptive to allowing my poetry to be influenced by all kinds of collaborators. Unfortunately as time passed by, I started slacking on my poetic efforts and was just trying to keep up with my studies.

The Night in Question

One not-so-special night in April 2011, I opened up Twitter during a powerful attack of insomnia. As the minutes ticked by, I watched a slew of unrelated Trending Topics rise and fall like a tidal wave. Eventually, something inside me had a strange urge to connect the dots…no…to collaborate with the dots! I opened up Word and pasted the topics onto the blank page. One by one I tried to write a line that would somehow interlock the entirely different subjects with each other. Thus Trending Poetry was born and this collection of Twitter poetry has grown ever since!