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Think You Can Do It?

As much as I have found writing poetry based on Trending Topics a delightful hobby, I want to let a few others in on the fun!  It is tweeters like YOU, not Heidi Klum (unless she tweets them) − that decides what topics are in and what topics are out!  So give it a whirl, send your Trending Poetry my way and if I like it I'll feature it in my next blog post.  If I do not use your submission I'll gladly give your Twitter username a shout-out on the same post.

The Challenge
  1. Print Screen the Trending Topics and note the date/time at which they were recorded.
    If you do not know how to Print Screen jot them down on a piece of paper!
  2. Write a poem that alludes to all or most of the topics.
    It can be with hidden or obvious references.
  3. Share the piece and see if the result turns out to be dazzling Twitter poetry!
    Don't forget to include the Trending Topics and timestamp of when they were taken.
Email your submissions to persianpoetess[AT]

Poems will also be read aloud for the Itunes podcast.